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Urie tokyo ghoul father

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Uživatel 🐯🐰 Yaone⁷≮🍴🎣 na Twitteru: „Shachi was more of a father to Rize than their real father had ever been.xD Tsuneyoshi wanted to breed Rize but Furuta made an escape for her

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Good Night, Haise. — Hi there ! Remember when i asked you to do a post...

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TOKYO GHOUL RE 10 by Sui Ishida

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🐯🐰 Yaone⁷≮🍴🎣 on Twitter: "I was robbed of my fave Kuki Urie moments. The time when Kaneki talked to him again post Shirazu's death and his first shot with his powerful quinque

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Tokyo Ghoul Caps — The Muffled Screams of Kuki Urie

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Ishida Sui who are you? — sans-san: Urie, I am your father.

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Littlemissymonster — I feel like Urie is playing with fire. First of...

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